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meet renée

As a new resident of Austin, TX, I am so excited to be taking my business to a new city! I have always had a natural ability to only acquire what made me truly happy & to let go of what did not. As a child with only 3 drawers & a shared closet, I organized my drawers with shoe boxes & recycled jars to store my "treasures"!

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my approach

Over the years I have learned to not only help others become organized, but to help them do so with zero guilt or anxiety! Along with my degree in psychology & experience, researching human behavior & organization techniques has given me the skills and wisdom to help people make a lasting change in their lives.


While previously managing a non-profit health center, I found a way to put my natural organization & minimalist skills to good use by purging packed closets, cabinets, & drawers. Due to unfortunate events in the lives of family & friends, I was able to facilitate moves during emotional times like death & divorce.


There is a huge difference between convincing or bullying someone to throw something away versus empowering them to release feelings of guilt & obligation! This is where an Organizer adds a unique, supportive, thoughtful and professional layer to the process of simplifying your life!


To work with Thrive Life Organizing is to invest in yourself & your happiness. The mission of TLO is to create the optimal physical space for your goals & ambitions to flourish, & for you to find peace & relaxation in times of rest. Homes should be our personal oasis, no matter the size or grandeur. Each individual has their own unique aesthetic & needs; our homes should reflect that.


Too often our homes or work spaces are a source of stress, anxiety, & even panic. I have worked with families who think of closets or rooms as "dead zones"; areas of their home where items are banished with the short-term goal of removing them from sight to relieve stress. With the accumulation of this "stuff", we create a palpable environment of shame, self-loathing, & embarrassment.


No matter the project, big or small, the relief & satisfaction my clients experience at the end of a session triggers a snowball effect, you just want to keep going! The cultural, multigenerational custom of keeping items "just in case" or to pass down to someone else has created a weight on our shoulders that sometimes goes unnoticed for decades. When a client releases their guilt & stays true to themselves & their taste when deciding what they want in their home, it is nothing short of liberating!


By celebrating what you LOVE, it becomes easier to move on from the things that you don't!


With focus, patience, humor, & NO judgment, we first declutter your space. We remove each item & designate everything to one of 3 piles- Keep, Donate, Trash. The items that are kept are categorized by type, & then systems are created to keep the organization sustainable!


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